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RoomMate Mop Starterkit

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# of Mop Pads: 2

The RoomMate Mop

5x Faster
100% More Convenient

Forget the stress and inconvenience of setting up your mop to clean. Just pick up the RoomMate and start cleaning!

  • Convenient Storage
  • No Set Up Time
  • 360 Flex-Joint Cleaning
  • Hands-Free Pad Disposal
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What floor surfaces can I clean with The Mop Pads?

How does the Roommate attach to Mop Pads?

Can I recycle the pads?

Is the Roommate's Spray Bottle Refillable?

How many mop pads can the holder hold?

Pad Refill Bundles


The Roommate Mop 40 pad refill package
A person ejecting a dirty pad off of the Roommate Mop into the trash

RoomMate Mop Pads | 40 Count

Regular price $22.00 USD
60 mop pad refill for the Roommate Mop
Features of the Roommate Mop cleaning pads

RoomMate Mop Pads | 60 Count

Regular price $33.00 USD
Sold out
Pottymop Mop Pads | 40 Count
Pottymop Mop Pads | 40 Count

Pottymop Mop Pads | 40 Count

Regular price $19.88 USD
Sale price $24.99 USD

The Pottymop

Our team has redesigned and upgraded the Pottymop to function & look better, and we are excited to share what you can expect!

Here are a few of the awesome changes we've made.

  • Telescopic Wand: When sitting in its holder the Pottymop now has a lower profile at only 21 inches in height & 32 inches when fully extended for easier mopping.
  • New Holder: Our new premium holder will look amazing in your bathroom and is designed to better protect and hold your Pottymop & Pads.
  • Mop Pads: We have redesigned our Mop Pads to be more absorbent and give you a smoother mopping experience with all new materials.
  • Colour: We've changed the Pottymop from Blue to all White! 

The RoomMate Mops Awesome Features

Convenient Storage

The RoomMate stores conveniently anywhere in your home for easy access.

No Set Up!

The RoomMate automatically attaches to the top pad it sits on, just pick up and start cleaning with a new pad everytime.

360° Cleaning

Our patented Flex-Joint conforms to any edge and gets in corners for a seamless cleaning experience.

Touchless Pad Disposal

Our easy eject tab lets you blast that dirty pad into the trash so you can keep your hands clean.

Absorbent Mopping Pads

Big or small, our super absorbent mopping pads are strong enough to tackle even the biggest messes.

Refill With Your Favorite Cleaner

Lift up stuck on dirt and grime to give your floors a deep clean with our refillable wide mist spray system.

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